The seller is Saumakassinn, owner Lára Magnea Jónsdóttir, ID number 170965-4429, VAT number 85979. Address Efstasund 97, 104 Reykjavík. Email saumakassinn@saumakassinn.is.

In general
The sewing box reserves the right to cancel orders, e.g. due to incorrect price information and also to change prices or stop offering products without notice. The right to confirm orders by telephone is reserved.

Delivery of goods
All products are delivered the next working day after ordering. If the product is not in stock, a service representative will contact you and announce the estimated delivery time of the product. All orders are distributed by Íslandspóstur and Íslandspóstur's delivery, warranty and transport terms apply to the delivery of the product. According to this, the sewing box is not responsible for any damage that may occur to the goods in transit. In the event of damage to the product from the time it is sent from the Sewing Box to the person in question, the damage is the responsibility of the buyer.

Deadline for submission and right of refund
The buyer has 14 days to cancel the purchase provided that he has not used the product, it is returned in good condition in unopened original packaging. If a product is sealed, the seal must not be broken. The deadline begins to elapse when the product is delivered to the registered recipient. A receipt for the purchase of goods must be included. A full refund will be made if the above conditions are met and after the product is received. Shipping and postage are non-refundable. Please send inquiries to saumakassinn@saumakassinn.is.

Please note that online rates are subject to change without notice.

Taxes and fees
All prices in the online store include VAT and invoices are issued with VAT.

The seller names the buyer in full confidence in all the information provided by the buyer in connection with the transaction. Information will not be passed on to third parties under any circumstances.